Areas of law

We offer specialist advice on matters pertaining to various specialties or areas of law.
Our lawyers are all experts in their own field, e.g. debt collection, insolvency law, tenancy law, liability law, traffic law, criminal law and criminal procedure, seizure law, consumer protection, tax law, labour law and social security law, urban planning, building and real estate law, environmental law, insurance law, company law, family law and contract law.

  • Liability Law

    If someone causes you an injury or damages your property, the prejudice must be indemnified, repaired or compensated, right? But when it comes to the crunch that may prove to be easier said than done...

    We will be delighted to see to it that your prejudice is indemnified, repaired or compensated by the person responsible. This boils down to proving that the damage was wilful, in the broadest sense of the term. After all accidents do happen, yet damage does not have to be deliberate, but can simply be the result of carelessness or negligence.

    We will also help you to establish whom you have recourse against, for instance against the parents who are legally responsible for their minor children, against the teachers who bear responsibility for their pupils or against the owners of a pet who are accountable for their pet.


  • Administrative, public and environmental law

    Over the years, the ways and means to act for, against and alongside administrative bodies have increased significantly.

    The so-called principles of good governance must be respected and citizens now have a right of recourse and can turn to specialist administrative courts. Citizens’ participation in government decision, etc. has also improved considerably.

    We have been monitoring these developments very closely and have extensive experience in administrative and public law procedures in the broadest sense of the term.

    In particular, we specialise in dealing with administrative disputes about a. o. spatial planning and urban development, environmental law, public procurement contracts, the policy on land and premises and soil remediation.


  • Labour law and social security law

    Arrangements between employers and employees are in first instance based on trust.

    But to make sure that everyone knows where they stand and to avoid problems in the course of the employment relationship, we will gladly put a number of things on paper for you, such as employment contracts or company regulations. This is particularly important if you are considering joint ventures with independent operators, planning to recruit sales representatives….

    Needless to say, we are also at your disposal if and when problems in the working relationship do rear their head, for instance in the case of redundancy, occupational accidents, restructuring, amendments to the terms of employment


  • Seizure law

    In this particular branch of the law we advise you on the best way to collect your uncontested claim. If your debtor does not pay of his own accord, enforced recovery may be the only option but that is something we will discuss with the judicial officer first. The judicial officer will be able to seize your debtor’s goods and, if need be, sell them so that you get the money that is rightfully yours.

    Seizures can be effected on movable assets, in legal lingo known as ‘distraint’, on immovable assets, in legal lingo known as ‘attachment’, or on your debtor’s salary or bank accounts, a remedy known as ‘garnishment’.

    If you have reasons to believe that the opposing party may turn out to be insolvent, you can also have a precautionary attachment levied in the course of the legal proceedings.


  • Urban planning, building and real estate law

    We are at your service if you need any assistance with the legal aspects of your real estate project. We can advise you on how to draw up or check contracts, mediate and negotiate.

    Obviously you can also bank on us if you are faced with any construction-related disputes, whether at litigation or arbitration level.

    Civil engineering expertise and legal expertise go hand in hand.

    We have the relevant knowledge and experience to assist you whether you are a professional contractor, project developer, architect, engineer, safety coordinator, real estate agent or principal.

    Also as a private client you are at the right address for advice and assistance in the often difficult construction process, which isn’t always just governed by common civil law but may even fall within the scope of specific legislation, such as the Breyne Act.


  • Contract law & agreements

    For straightforward contracts, we only need to check our extensive template database. Quick and cheap!

    Some contracts need to be custom written. We have all the relevant expertise and frames to personalise your agreement to your requirements and desiderata.

    Our aim: to convert the agreement you concluded with your business partner into a clear and legible contract to prevent legal disputes down the line. 


  • Family law and matrimonial property law

    We assist and support you during and after your divorce. Each situation is very personal and individual: we always offer you the appropriate advice whether in the case of divorce for irretrievable breakdown or divorce by mutual consent.

    Together with you we will find a suitable, speedy and efficient solution to a difficult situation, step by step: the divorce itself, interim measures for the spouses and children, maintenance claims and the liquidation and division of your joint assets.

    Also in matters such as affiliation, parental responsibility, right of access to children and adoption we put our expertise at your disposal.


  • Consumer protection

    The legislator has made extensive provisions to protect consumers in their day-to-day transactions. Examples that spring to mind are the warranty rules, the right of withdrawal when buying goods or services online, etc.

    The legislator takes an extremely dim view of misleading and aggressive commercial practices and has taken regulatory action to combat fraud, e.g. touting.

    Because, as a consumer, it is not always easy to see the wood for the trees and enforce your rights in practice, we will be happy to help.


  • Tax law

    No one relishes the thought of paying more tax than they should. Whether you’re talking corporate tax, personal income tax or any other taxes and duties, fact is that the regulations are constantly changing and becoming ever more complex in the process. We will happily advise you on how not to pay more tax than you should or answer any questions you may have with regard to tax regularisation.


  • Tenancy law

    Tenancy’ is a term that covers many things. Depending on the nature of the arrangement, various legal regimes apply, each with their own possibilities and limitations: private dwellings, business premises, pop-up stores, warehouses and garages, student accommodation, holiday homes, etc. At that, since the federalisation, tenancy has come under the remit of the individual regions with the result that also the legislation varies from region to region.

    We will be happy to guide you through this diversity and to advise you on the best regime for you, in function of the rules, the possibilities and the limitations. In the event of problems during a lease (rent arrears, rental damage, insalubrity, conversion work...), our specialist team will be on hand to offer you a solution.

    Our firm has specialist lawyers who can represent you before the Justice of the Peace if you are faced with a lease dispute.


  • Insolvency law

    Should your company end up in financial difficulties for one reason or another, we will help you to file an application for suspension of payments, a procedure under the Business Continuity Act, or assist you with tabling the books.

    But above all, we will provide you with sensible advice: what is the most suitable procedure, the most appropriate course of action and what will be the impact on you personally, can you play for a little time and how...?


  • Criminal law and criminal procedure

    If you have become the victim of a crime… you can rely on our firm to give you all the support you need (filing a civil claim, keeping you up to speed on the proceedings, guidance and advice during the court case...).

    Even in the opposite case, when you are being prosecuted under criminal law and need to appear in chambers, before the criminal court, the Indictment Chamber ... you can rely on our assistance.


  • Company law

    Planning on starting a new business or an autonomous activity? Then make sure to drop by because we can offer you invaluable advice on setting up a company or business.

    Even in cases where disputes between shareholders have arisen, we are still only a phone call away. We can act as mediator or negotiator, or assist you in any proceedings.

    Our reputation in matters of liability is an enviable one and ranges from shareholder and partner liability to corporate liability in a broad range of corporate structures: BVBA (private limited liability company), NV (limited liability company), limited partnerships, VZW (non-profit associations) etc.


  • Traffic law, damage and indenmnification

    Were you involved in a traffic accident? Allow us to sort out your claim for compensation after the road traffic accident, for personal injuries included.

    Summoned to appear before the Police Court? All the more reason to call on us to represent your interests! If there are any mitigating circumstances our specialist lawyers will usually be able to limit the fines or have the withdrawal of your licence adjusted. Often, your insurance policy will cover you for legal assistance.


  • Insurance Law

    Sometimes your insurance policy will be far more comprehensive than you might think and will even extend to legal assistance: a traffic accident, liability-related questions (for instance, a dispute between neighbours, damage as a result of a fire or storm…). Make sure to contact us and together we will check whether your policy includes legal assistance. Also in the case of a dispute with your insurance company, we will sift through your insurance policies on your behalf.


  • Dept Collection

    Unfortunately, businesses that have never been faced with defaulters or customers who subsequently proved to be insolvent are few and far between. We will be delighted to help you to tackle that issue both before and after it arises: from offering you practical tips on how to draw up your terms of business to the actual collection of your invoices. Unlike a collection agency, we can also collect your invoice via the legal route if a reminder or formal notice fails to produce the desired effect.

    We work with judicial offers to collect your invoices quickly, efficiently and cheaply!


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